St Germain Brand Guide

St. Germain Group Realty

Working with the St. Germain Group Realty firm as part of Best Branding Solutions we helped the newly established agency with vision, mission, strategy and design elements. St. Germain Realty came to us with a logo and a set of values but I was tasked with helping to pull it all together. Our process began with a meeting and learning all that I could about who they are, who they serve, and how they do it. My wife and I under our personal agency Best branding solutions, developed a brand guide for the agency encapsulating everything that new agents would need to work with on behalf the brand. From there I was able to capture headshots for their realtors. Once captured, a full retouch and edit were completed with a selection of headshots isolated for application across all of their marketing channels. The plan was to deliver both the edited headshots and cutouts allowing them to use as-is in traditional methods as well as various applications such as social media ads. Following up on that thought I designed a selection of social media advertisements and incorporated their isolated head-shots.

Headshots and Social Media Ad Design