Janet Wilson Russell Realtor

Working with Janet Wilson Russell a realtor in central NC I was able to work with Best Branding Solutions to develop a full brand identity. For the project I really got to work in almost every aspect from capturing on site photography for use in all aspects of visual application from her website to social media. Once we helped establish her brand niche I was tasked with creating the full identity and brand guide. We also built a custom website in Squarespace making it easier for Janet herself to edit future changes. This relationship has continued and I have helped develop a handful of social media advertisements and small marketing pieces.

This project started with conversations. After sitting down with Janet and learning about her goals and how her personality should fit in with her brand we posed a few questions that led us down the path of ideas. One thing that stood out to us during our conversations was a collection of keys that Janet was proud of. After reviewing a bit more about real estate logos it turned out that integrating keys into a realtor logo was a bit cliche but in this case was very much a part of her personality. It was stated pretty early on as a request that her logo and other brand elements should include  a ket in some capacity. So I explored typefaces that felt in line and began sketching out keys from reference photos. Along the way we of course noted Janet’s goals of really being not just a realtor but a helping presence and friend in the process of her clients finding new homes and searched for ways to include that in her brand presence. This lead to the integration of the heart and home in to her final key design aspect of her logo. 

Primary Logo

Janet Wilson-Russel Logomark

Alternate Marks & Pattern

Janet Wilson-Russel Logomark Alternate
Janet Wilson-Russel Logomark icon

Portraits & Brand Photography



Janet Wilson-Russel social ad
Janet Wilson-Russel social ad

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